Hi - We're Kate and Nicole

Also known as: Two Girls 1 Formula, TG1F, or the two girls. We started this community as a safe space for F1 fans who feel marginalized in male dominated spaces to connect, make friends, and discuss races, drivers, team drama, future goals and aspirations, and everything in between. Our specialty is connecting Formula 1 to pop culture and exploring the lighter, more fun side to the world's most elite motorsport. Our community is inclusive, welcoming, and accepting of all types of fans. It doesn't matter if you started watching yesterday or 20 years ago, we're here for you to find people to connect with in a meaningful way. We fly our fangirl flag loud and proud, and are never ashamed to get the label. Here at TG1F, any level of support is welcomed. We understand that you can respect the technical side of the sport and think the drivers are cute.

You can usually find us across one of our many internet profiles: instagram, discord, twitter, twitch, tiktok, or via email.

Welcome to the TG1Fam! ❤️