The TG1F Community

We may be the two girls behind TG1F, but the community is the reason for our success. It's not "our" community, it's yours. We've got friends in every corner of the globe spreading the positive message that the future is fangirl.

This community is diverse, inclusive, welcoming, and an absolute force to be reckoned with. No matter your age, the length you've been an F1 fan, gender, sexuality, race - you are welcome here.

F1 may connect us all initially, but this community is a thriving place for fans to come together to share their passions outside of F1 as well. There's someone for everyone in the TG1F community, you just have to say hello to find them.

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  • "Tg1f absolutely reassured me there is a safe space for me in the F1 fans. I also find the space educational and kind to newcomers. Just having a space to see and interract with content without having to prove I know every trivia fact in the world about F1 is super encouraging and lets me learn about F1 at my own pace."'

  • "I've found my people! Thanks to this group I have an outlet to talk to people about Formula 1 without judgement. Part of my race weekend routine is waking up on a quali or race day, turning the tv on, and jumping on the to TG1F discord server. Questions are asked and answered without judgement, and laughs are had! It was such an intimate community experience when planning for the Montréal GP!"

  • "Having a space where female fans can come together in a SAFE, supportive environment Is EVERYTHING we and the sport need. And really the fact that the space isn’t limited to women shows the level of safety and inclusion that all environments should strive to achieve. I personally have made some amazing connections with other fans through the TG1F community. "

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  • "Finding TG1F over a year ago now has been such a positive impact on my life! When I fell in love with this sport and became obsessed I found myself struggling to see where I fit into this community of fans online and felt like there was no where for me, a new fan and also a woman, to feel truly comfortable commenting, talking and asking questions about F1 and it’s world"

  • "Finding this page has been the best part of my year. This was the community I had been searching for but didn’t know it existed. Women F1 fans are growing so rapidly in the sport and there are truely not many places for us on the internet in a male dominated sport/fan base. I felt really alone in my little world and like I could only talk to my husband but he doesn’t get it like the TG1F family does."

  • "It’s been so refreshing to find a community of (mostly) fangirls who love this motorsport and it’s competitive racing but will also indulge in fun banter, harmless gossip, and/or serious discussions about the drivers, politics, and drama surrounding it as well.

    Being a fangirl can have such negative connotations, but it has been so validating that you two choose to embrace it. You are actively fighting against this stereotype and building a community for women to indulge in the things they love to discuss and consume. That shit matters and is momentous is changing the mindset around what is to be a female fan."

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